I'm David, a freelance

visual designer UI/UX developer brand strategist


How can I help you

My mission is to help emerging brands reach their greatest digital potential. I always create for the ever-changing present moment, design remarkable brand identities and thoughtful user experiences.

Whether it’s a small business or a growing start-up, consistent branding always helps identify and distinguish the brand in consumers minds.

My job is to make sure that all the visible elements of your brand are properly aligned,  from your logo to your branding colors, typography & other visual elements, so that your brand has a unified look and feel.

Content architecture
The process of designing a structure that will utilize content effectively & efficiently.

High-fidelity prototypes
From simple wireframes to high-fidelity prototypes to learn how your website interacts.

Responsive user interface
Adapting your website design to any possible screen size with high attention to details.

Functionalities & integrations
Forms, eCommerce, Booking & Appointment modules, Social Media, Google Analytics, etc.

Support & Maintenance
Troubleshooting, Security Updates, Cloud Backups & more.

User experience design
Information architecture, interface behaviour, user personas, key use cases, industry best practices.

I help clients understand the position of their brand in the digital world, identify new opportunities, set goals and develop strategies to reach them.

My priority is to ensure that consumers perceive the brand correctly, it’s message is clear enough and its been delivered properly to the desired audience.


I Build Outstanding
Digital Products

Website UI\UX

Properly structured, uniquely designed & user-friendly websites to enhance your customer experience.

Ecommerce &
Booking Platforms

Custom tailored eCommerce and Booking systems that you can easily manage by yourself.

Structure &

Web Design

Content Design
& Architecture

& Integrations


I've been aiming for more than 10 years to prove that thoughtfully designed digital experiences consistently improve overall customer satisfaction and your brand credibility.


Brands I'm already working with

I always work hard to understand & define brands, build culture and make a positive impact that matters.

Kati Sváb
Kati SvábStudio FLY
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True storytellers! ... I live my dream today and you guys are part of my story! Originals, professionals & creators of fine. The team that created the logo for my studio with originality, good taste, attention to detail and a lot of consideration of all my wishes. Thank you for making art out of beauty! Highly recommended!
BryanJardine Hills
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I hired devydesign last year to assist me with my website redesign and promotion of our pension in Dealu Mare. They did a great job, very responsive and creative with their ideas. Great value for money!
Dr. Sipos Réka
Dr. Sipos RékaMedic Stomatolog
Read More
I got a monogram logo that merges two letters to form the symbol of my business. Very unique and creative design idea, which I don’t think will ever get outdated. I highly recommend it if you take your business seriously and want to get a professionally designed branding.


Let's work together!

Looking forward to work with passionate people from all around the world who appreciate my devotion.

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